Wedding Vendor Attire for Women

Are you a wedding vendor? There's no official uniform for that title, other than "wear dark clothing". Really descriptive, right? As a wedding photographer in Virginia, I always struggle to find an outfit that isn't as boring as a black shirt and black slacks.

But also, if you are a wedding vendor, comfort is usually your top priority because those days are LONG. You're on your feet for 10-12 hours or more. I always need the whole next day just to recover from the activity my body experiences during a wedding day. It's wild. Did I just run a marathon? My body is wondering. Nope, just photographed a wedding, though. If you aren't a wedding vendor, chances are, you don't understand the day after a wedding feeling. It's real.

It's true, you probably should wear dark colors. Why? Because you don't want to be a distraction during important moments. You're moving around during the ceremony. The last thing you want is to take attention away from the couple.

So, I've compiled some of my favorite styles, all outfits shown below are from or