Two Month Old Photo Session

Newborn sessions are my greatest challenge. I love them, but newborns are super unpredictable. If you're a parent, I'm sure you can undoubtedly agree with me. When baby Aria's mom came to me and told me that she was already two months old, I was nervous about how this session would turn out because, let's face it, two month olds are not as sleepy and much more mobile (to some extent) than newborns. With newborn photography, it is best to have the session between 5-17 days of life. The babies are sleepy and squishy and all of the FRESH. But guess what? Baby Aria was one of my favorite (and easiest) newborn sessions I've ever had. She already had a little personality. She was so smiley, and I made the best of her awakedness. She is one of the most precious, angelic babes I've ever laid eyes on. Her daddy was pretty smitten and I could feel the joy radiating from her parents. There's something so euphoric about being a new parent. The combination of the pure bliss that comes with giving life to a tiny human and the newness of adjusting to the "new normal". See a few images from her session below: