Small Business Branding | Bakery

From conception to creation, this branding/creative project has come full circle. This brand project for a new bakery (cakes & eatery) started a few months ago. I was approached to see if I could help create a logo for a new bakery that would be serving pound cakes and boxed lunches. I was totally on-board, as I like (okay, LOVE) cake! So, version after version, I worked on this logo. From little tweaks to big changes, we finally got the logo exactly the way we wanted it.

The grand-opening of Front Porch Cakes & Eatery is happening THIS WEEK! On Tuesday, September 5th, they are opening their doors for business!

I am especially proud of this project because it has come full circle for me and my business. Not only was I able to design the logo, I was able to photograph this brand-new bakery and provide the owner with photographs of her new space! Seeing my designs come to life is really rewarding!

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If you are interested in beautiful (and equally yummy) pound cakes or boxed lunches, visit my friends over at Front Porch Cakes and Eatery!

Check out the photography I was able to take for this bakery in Richmond, VA!

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