Simple Studio Maternity Photoshoot

There is something so beautiful about a mom-to-be carrying the tiny miracle that is growing inside of her. I love when maternity sessions are all about the mom, because, let's face it... She's the one doing all the work, right? This mama-to-be is waiting for the baby's gender to be a SURPRISE, and that really got me thinking! I know I couldn't wait, but I'm a planner, and I felt like I HAD TO KNOW to get all the things in order with my two pregnancies. You mamas who wait to find out the gender are so strong, because that is a surprise like none other!

To other women getting ready to enter into motherhood, here are a couple pieces of information or tips that might help you, since I've been through this twice:

  • Get all the rest you can before your baby is here. Once your little one is finally earthside, sleep will be a thing of the past.

  • Let your friends/family help! I am a do-it-yourself-er and I have a really hard time accepting help. If someone lends you a hand (making dinners, cleaning your house, doing your laundry, etc.) take the help. It takes a village! We aren't built to do everything by ourselves.

  • It's okay to not be okay. But, tell someone. Talk to your OBGYN, closest relative or friend about your feelings. It's completely normal to feel "off" after having your baby, but make sure that if you do start to feel depressed or anxious, have a conversation with your doctor.

  • Take time for yourself. Whether it is a trip to Target, a pedicure or a warm bath, make sure you are dedicating a little bit of time to be alone.

  • Find a mommy group! Don't do this thing alone! Find some other mommy friends who can be there for you while experiencing all the ups and downs of having a baby or babies. Finding them can be hard, but there are so many local groups out there!

  • Gripe Water. THIS was our saving grace for gas/fussiness. My daughter was especially fussy, and this was our answer to almost every cry that we couldn't calm with love/cuddles. Here is a link to our favorite one.

  • Prepare your heart. There is nothing that fills me with more love and joy than being a mom. Seriously, the moment you lay eyes on your baby for the first time, you will know exactly what I mean. It's overwhelming and you will never experience anything else like it in your life!

Enjoy these photos below of a simple indoor studio maternity session!