Second Set of Twins | Maternity

This beautiful mama is getting ready to welcome her second set of twins into this world (Yep, you read that right). I couldn't find the exact statistics, but that is very rare, especially two sets of spontaneous twins, back to back. So, this mama will be a mama to FIVE boys. Whew. I can't imagine. But, I know her heart is incredibly full.

This mama does so much for our community, as she runs an amazing Facebook page for other local moms to share support, love, encouragement, advice and much more.

With the pregnancy coming to an end with the birth coming in late May (or whenever these boys decide they are ready), Felicia wanted to capture this special moment before the new twins arrive.

Take a look at the maternity session below with the rest of her family!

This is her first set of twins, Charlie and Jack, and they are the most precious boys. They are pretty excited for their new twin baby brothers:

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