Professional Headshots in Richmond, VA

You know when you meet someone and you just know that you are meant to be friends? I used to be the type who could make friends with a brick wall, but as I've gotten older, I realize that I am gravitating towards being an introverted extrovert and I find the most commonplace for me and others I meet is usually through motherhood or marketing. Those two things really are my life's passion.

Linzy is an inspirational entrepreneur who helps businesses with strategic plans and team management through a collaborative approach. I actually met her because she hired me to design a website for one of her clients a few months ago. As that project ended, I knew we'd stay connected. Low and behold, she lives less than a mile from me (in the SAME neighborhood). I had taken my kids to the pool one night. I swim without my glasses, so I lose the ability to see well, but I thought to myself, "Wow, that looks just like Linzy"! It was!

So, Linzy has a birthday today! It's a big birthday and I would never reveal her age, but let me just tell you... you would NEVER guess how old she is turning today. #GenePoolStrong. This lady has the most flawless skin, and I am envious of her glow! For her birthday, she treated herself to a session in the city for updated headshots!

Enjoy some images from her session in RVA! We ended our night with Prosecco on the roof of the Quirk Hotel!

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