Pink and Gold Cake Smash

When planning this pink and gold cake smash session, I put SO MUCH thought into it. I spent countless minutes (probably hours) on Pinterest to figure out the colors and ideas for props. But, it just came down to my imagination in the end and some DIY. I made the banners with scrapbook papers I matched together, and they actually turned out pretty cute (can you tell i'm proud of my crafty-ness?). All of the props were things I already had on hand, even the balloons, from prior sessions! The reason I had such a hard time deciding the colors and theme is because this is MY daughter. I not only had the chance to plan every last detail, but I also got to be the one behind the lens. It's pretty awesome that I get to use my creative outlet to capture milestones in the lives of my own kids! Even if I had zero clients, I'd still love photography because I have so much fun documenting the milestones of my babies! I try to keep my personal life separate from this business, so I won't get into all the gushy details about how I cannot believe she is ONE, but I really cannot believe we've made it through the first year with two, two and under.

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