Photo Studio | Midlothian

When we moved to this home in 2016, I don't think we bargained for losing our dining room. But, as my dream started to emerge, I was just doing outdoor photography, and indoor photography was not something I was serious about doing.

As I started my business in slow season, a.k.a winter, I found that my clients were asking for indoor photos. At the time, I was doing some photos in my kitchen, garage and RED/ORANGE dining room. I made it work for a while and none of my WONDERFUL clients ever complained or even let it phase their decision. It's funny how we work with what we have. Now, in hindsight, I think to myself - "Wow, my clients REALLY trusted me in my environment".

As my indoor props and such started growing, I knew I needed a dedicated space where I could primarily work. With the help of my husband, we transformed our dining room into a make-shift studio. Is it ideal? NO. Does it work for me? YES.

I'm not sure if my business will still be in this space in 5 years, or even 2, but for now, I'm happy here, and I think my clients are too!