Newborn Girl Photography | Brooklyn

I just love getting newborns into my studio! I also love seeing the new baby glow of the parents (and sometimes grandparents if they come along too)! This session was no different. The lovely new parents were just in awe of their newest little bundle, rightfully so, because this 7lb blonde with a head FULL of hair was just gorgeous and quite an angel! And, like no other newborn has done before, she slept through the WHOLE entire session! And as a bonus note, she also NEVER peed or pooed! Shouting from the rooftops: CAN I PLEASE GET MORE NEWBORNS LIKE HER?! (only kidding.... just a little!) All the newborns that come to my studio are just as sweet as the last, and I honestly love getting a baby fix every so often! But wow, sweet little Brooklyn was just a little dream! Here are some photos from her full newborn session!

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