Maternity Photography Session in Richmond, VA

As a wedding photographer in Virginia, I love when my past couples and clients hire me to document their lives, well after their weddings. This is the absolute highest compliment. It means that my work as their wedding photographer was trusted and loved and they thought enough of me for the biggest day of their lives and have asked me to be a part of their future moments. So, now that I have been doing this several years, some of my wedding couples are moving into the lovely stage of life, parenthood. And, I am SO. HERE. FOR. IT. It is truly a blessing to see my clients transform from couples falling in love to PARENTS! One of the biggest blessings of my "job" is getting to build relationships with my clients, beyond just being their photographer. I am here for the big moments, the small moments and everything in between. Those special times in your life, you are entrusting me with, and I don't take that lightly.