High School Senior Photography | Richmond

I'm a planner when it comes to my clients. Not so much in real life, because I bask in personal spontaneity, but when it comes to business, I am a planner. You know what is the worst feeling? When you think you've got all the details nailed down, and then something comes along and throws your plans out the window. That's what happened with this session. I had the location carefully thought out. I had arrived at our originally planned location a good 10-15 min early. What do I see? A sea of traffic. Dead stop traffic. A huge local event was happening at my shooting location and I didn't have a back up plan. I felt horrible. This had never happened before. I called my client and quickly thought of my plan B.

Luckily, this beautiful client of mine and her parents trusted me enough to follow me further into the beautiful city of Richmond. You know what I love about Richmond, Virginia? It's beauty. You could literally park your car in Carytown and have a thousand different backdrops.

We went down by the James River and found beautiful scenery for this high school senior portrait photo session. Check out some of the photos from our photoshoot in Richmond, Virginia.

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