Happy Sitter Milestone Session

This is my very favorite age to photograph! Not just because sitters aren't crawling yet (that's half of it!) but just because babies of this age are just so sweet and innocent. They haven't gotten to explore a whole lot in their little lives yet, and they are just so content watching and learning. There's just something so sweet about that concept.

Little Em has been coming to me to be photographed since before she even made it earth-side! Her mama had maternity photos, newborn photos, 6 month photos, and this spring milestone session is her most recent visit with me! I seriously love this fam and am so humbled that they have trusted me to capture these big moments in their life for them. You know what is the great thing about this photography business? The people I get to meet and know. My clients. I love them so much and without them, this business wouldn't exist, obviously. So, everyone who chooses me as their photographer, please know, that it means the WORLD to me!

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