Cake Smash Session | Twins

This was my very first cake smash session, and I was a BALL of nerves because it wasn't just one baby... it was TWINS. This family has been one of my clients before, and I adore them. So, that helped ease my nerves (a bit). I planned and prepped as best as I could, but I still felt unsettled, even when they were on their way. I seem to have nerves before every photoshoot, and mostly thoughts of doubt fill my brain.

Maybe I can't do this... Maybe this session is too much... What if the kids don't cooperate... What if something goes wrong?

Those are just a few of the million thoughts that run through my head before a session. And, I know that isn't a great way to think, and I am trying to work on that. I need to be breathing confidence, but sometimes it's hard, ya know? Especially when you are trying to establish yourself in an already competitive market. I know I need to work on this.

The twins are always a dream... a DREAM... to work with. They are such happy boys, and I am so glad I got to photograph these cake smash memories for them to cherish forever!

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