Breastfeeding Photography

Breastfeeding is such a journey. For me, it was a 16 month period of bonding with my first, and 9 months of joy with my second. I think it is the most selfless thing a mama can do, but I also know how hard it is. To give your body to someone else. To be their source of nutrition. To be their comfort. It's a lot to handle for a new mom! I also recognize it is such a blessing to do so, as some mothers are not able to nurse their little ones (for many reasons or complications).

For those nursing mamas out there, it is often a memory that has no evidence. So, I would love to capture these memories for you and your little nurslings! I very much wish I would have invested in a nursing session for my little ones. But now, it's just a memory in my head. I will never be able to look back at that precious time in their life, where there nutrition was ME. Wow. It's such an amazing thing.

Right now, I am holding Mommy + Me nursing sessions! The cost is $100 for a 30 minute session in Richmond, VA and you will get 5-10 edited images via online gallery! Check out one of my nursing sessions below: