Adobe® Photoshop® Training for Photographers

Are you a photographer who is wanting to gain skills in Adobe® Photoshop®? So many photographers are using Adobe® Lightroom® for editing, but it is somewhat limiting when more complex editing is required. I also use Adobe® Lightroom® when I want to apply presets, edit quickly and fast exporting. It is great for that. But, with Adobe® Photoshop® you can do SO much more. Don't be limited in your editing. Especially if you want to pursue newborn photography. I edit newborns solely in Adobe® Photoshop® and the possibilities are endless.

So, if you want learn more about Adobe® Photoshop®, I am offering ONE-ON-ONE online courses in real time. We will share screens and go over so many different features of Adobe® Photoshop®. Get all your questions answered and go through editing raw images. This is the best way to learn from a photographer and designer with YEARS of experience in Adobe® Photoshop®.


To schedule your one-on-one Adobe® Photoshop® training course, please click here.