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I receive many questions on exactly what the wrapped newborn sessions are with Woose + Willie. Along with Fresh48 Sessions, this is the only type of newborn session offered with me! Most people know that traditional newborn sessions are usually long and intensive, taking from 2-4 hours to get all of those precious photos of your baby in the cute naked poses.   

In contrast, a wrapped session with Woose + Willie  takes around an hour.  This is because we swaddle your little one and keep them swaddled for the duration of the session.  Keeping them wrapped allows me to get several setups with baby sleeping (or sometimes not) without making the time commitment for a full session, something that can be hard on the baby and the parents, so this is why I moved towards only offering wrapped sessions.  

These sessions are popular because of both the reduced time and how budget friendly they are (traditional newborn sessions are generally between $500-$1,000 with a properly trained, professional photographer).  Wrapped sessions are a great way to get beautiful photos of your newborn in a much quicker session. 


All of the photos below are from a mini wrapped session.  Interested in booking?  Contact me today at  Pricing for wrapped newborn sessions is $350+tax and includes 10-15 digital images.

Wrapped Gallery


Frequent Questions

How much do wrapped sessions cost?

Wrapped/Swaddled Sessions with Woose + Willie are $350.00 + tax.

How long will the session take?

I tell parents to allow for 1-1.5 hours for a wrapped/swaddled newborn session. Traditional newborn sessions can take anywhere between 2-4 hours and these sessions are much easier on the baby and parents.

When should we book our session?

Pre-booking your session is the best option to ensure that you will have a session time available. You can pre-book your session as early as six months in advance. Don’t worry if you didn’t pre-book, though, I will do my best to fit you in but I just can't guarantee that I will be able to get you on my schedule if you did not pre-book! If your baby was just born, we can still schedule a session! Babies can be photographed up to 8 weeks of age during a wrapped newborn session, so if there is no availability within the first few weeks after birth, we can certainly schedule you for the following month. If you’ve pre-booked, you’ll simply email us when your baby has arrived and we will schedule your session for the upcoming month’s session date!

How do I book my session?

Please fill out the form on my website here or email me at

Do I need to bring anything for the session?

I have a bunch of newborn swaddles to use, including baby bonnets and bows. You really don't need to worry about bringing anything with you to your session unless there is something special that you wish to incorporate in these photos?

Can parents/siblings be included?

Yes, absolutely. Please just let me know before your session if you wish to include parents and siblings (with their ages). If you are including siblings in your session, these shots are done at the beginning of your session. We request that siblings not stay for the remainder of your newborn session. For safety and sanity reasons we kindly ask that siblings return to home/school/go on an adventure with dad/grandma/friend while we complete the remainder of your newborn session.

How can we help to prep our baby for this session?

Try to keep your newborn awake before your session. The best way to do this is to give them a bath. After the bath give them a really good feeding, then head on over to the studio. We would always prefer you be a couple minutes late than to cut a feeding short to arrive on time. After a bath, with a full tummy and a car ride, baby should be in the ideal position to begin your session immediately upon your arrival. We have tried many ways to prep a baby for their best session, and this is by far the most successful formula.

How should we dress the baby to come to the session?

Please dress baby in a button down outfit (pajamas are preferred, no onesies, please) so we don't have to pull anything over their head while undressing them.

Will I be able to feed the baby during the session?

It is never a problem to stop for a feeding during your session. If you can bring a bottle of milk/formula, that will be very helpful as we will be able to feed baby easily and efficiently. If you are exclusively nursing, it is fine to stop for that as well. Just know that will usually take a little longer.

Should we bring a pacifier?

Yes, but I will also have brand new (in the package) pacifiers to use if you do not have one with you. Even if your baby doesn’t typically use a pacifier, we might use one to help calm the baby if needed.

What should we wear for this session?

I always tell aduls to wear tans/neutrals/whites/blacks/soft blues. This helps to keep the focos and attention on the baby and will not be too distracting in the photographs. If you have questions about your outfits, please email me and I will guide you. Or, if you need me to style your outfits for you, I can do that as well with a service I offer for my clients.

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