My name is Faith, and I am the owner of Woose + Willie Photography and Design


I am mom to two of the sweetest little ones on the planet, E+E, a boy and a little girl #bestofbothworlds! I am also a proud wife, and we are both Richmond-natives! We went to college together at VCU, and fell in love the night we met! My husband and I have been together for TEN great years. I guess you could call us high school sweethearts, but we met literally RIGHT after I graduated. So semi-highschool sweethearts is what I'll call us. Either way, we're imperfectly perfect for each other. I can not imagine life without him, his support and his love. 


Believe it or not, I work full-time (in addition to owning this business). I am quite literally the busiest person you might ever meet, or at least feel like I am! I'll be the first one to say: it's hard. It's a challenge juggling motherhood, working in a leadership role at a law firm, owning a business, being a wife and trying to find time for other important relationships in my life. I struggle daily with my dedication to each area, but at the end of the day, I somehow make it all work. It's a beautiful mess and it's a life that I love. 


You might be thinking, WHY? Why do I do all of this? First and foremost, I LOVE all of it. I love my job. I love business ownership. I love photography. I love design. So, I always ask, why not?

People ALWAYS ask me why my business is called "Woose + Willie"


Woose is my grandma and Willie is my grandfather! My grandparents have played an integral role in my life as they were my only set of grandparents I ever knew. They are literally everything to me. I could never imagine my life without either of them, and I spent so much time with them growing up and in my adult life. But one day in 2016, that thought became my reality. My grandfather suddenly passed away. He wasn't sick, he was just here–then he was devastatingly gone. After my grandfather passed away, it really started to eat at my soul to do what I love and pursue my dreams. In loving memory of my grandfather, Willie.

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